Massage Therapy Services

60 Minute Therapeutic Massage  $60
     A full body treatment focusing on problem areas according to your needs to help you relax and release tension from tired and sore muscles.  

     Same-Day Rebooking $50

30 Minute Massage $30

     This session will provide a quick tune-up, focusing primarily on areas bothering you.

90 Minute Massage $90 (Effective Jan 1, 2017)
 Full body treatment that not only addresses your problem areas but provides extra attention to the areas you want to help promote healing and good health.

On-Site Chair Massage $65/hour

     Let me set up shop at your office and treat your employees or clients to relaxing chair massages!  

Add on therapies:

Essential Oil Treatment $35 (without massage) or $20 (add on)

     A relaxing application of 8 essential oils to your back and feet will have you feeling like a new person.  This treatment promotes proper inflammation response, immunity, quality sleep, and more. 

Cupping $10
    Cupping is a form of suction therapy.  A vacuum is created in the cup to draw the skin and tissues    up into the cup.  This increases blood and lymphatic circulation to the local area, helps with muscle tension, and helps to decrease pain and toxins.  Red and purple marks may occur after a cupping therapy, this is simply a sign of blood flow, not a true bruise.  Cupping is an awesome tool to add to any massage.


Feel free to call or email with further questions or to make an appointment!